We support companies in the development, implementation, usage and operation of data-driven business models!

What are the challenges for companies when developing, implementing, using and operating data-driven business models?

What is needed to make digital business models
can be successfully implemented?

When developing your own digital business models, you want to...

... learn about the digital potential in your company, in your products?
... put your internal company processes to the test?
... achieve added value for your customers?

... open up new revenue sources through data-driven value creation?

... develop new business models based on your products and

... reduce costs and increase efficiency?

... defend and secure your digital customer interface permanently?

... etc, etc, etc


Whatever your goal, we accompany you on your journey and support you as an experienced IoT FullStack technology provider at all levels of the digital value chain - from the sensor to the edge gateway to the cloud application.

With us you can realize your digital business models in less time!

Our service portfolio

syzzcom TrustConnect Appliance

IEC 62443 and DIN SPEC 27070 compliant security gateway for industrial IoT projects

The hardware uses ARM processor technology and associated security chipsets. We have the security gateways manufactured in Germany, thus ensuring long-term availability while maintaining the same high quality standards.

Security Gateways are used as connectors for protected data rooms. At the same time, the TrustConnect appliance is used as an edge computing device with docker orchestration architecture for processing data at the network edge.

syzzcom TrustConnect Infrastruktur

The complete Trusted Services infrastructure is already available as a managed service.

We offer our customers contract periods for this managed service between 36 - 60 months and thus ensure medium and long-term operational reliability.

With syzzcom TrustConnect we provide a toolbox for the development, implementation, usage and continuous improvement of your data-driven business models.

The available infrastructure is characterized by operation in certified data centers, which guarantee that the data is stored within the European legal area.

Consulting and System Integration

Together with our network partners, we deliver technology and user experience expertise for your digital transformation.

With us you get from the conception with feasibility guarantee the hardware, software and system operation from one source.

Each project is managed by an interdisciplinary team of application and embedded specialists who combine their special skills and extensive experience with the latest development methods and tools.

syzzcom TrustConnect

syzzcom TrustConnect creates the basis for trustworthy and rule-based communication between data providing, consuming and processing entities.

By instances we mean in this context organizations, natural and legal persons as well as hard- and software-based systems that interact with each other.

TrustConnect not only connects machines and devices in a highly secure way, but also modern technologies and services to form a holistic IoT stack.

Consisting of hardware, software and services, TrustConnect meets the highest security requirements according to current industry standards, such as IEC 62443 with its specific standard parts and DIN SPEC 27070.

TrustConnect forms the foundation of your IoT security solution, is easy to use and is available around the clock with consistent reliability and quality.

TrustConnect works without passwords, so hackers lose their preferred target. All access is protected by digital certificates, creating a customized and expandable trust space.

The combination of powerful hardware and our flexible SaaS model gives you full cost control.

Rely on our security expertise and use your own personnel resources to develop your digital business models.

How to reduce time-to-market for your future digitization projects with TrustConnect!

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Uwe Brettner

CEO / Founder

  • Dipl.-Ing. for Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Science
  • more than 40 years experience in ITC-Market
  • IT-Entrepreneur since 1984
  • Specialist in Consulting for the digital Transformation of SME
  • many years of collaboration in various committees and commissions at DIHK, BVMW, TeleTrust, Plattform Industrie 4.0, LNI 4.0, IDSA, GAIA-X, Digital:HUB, etc.
  • Business Angel
  • Startup-Mentor


Erik Pellemeier

CMO / Co-Founder

  • Dipl.-Betriebsw.
  • over 30 years of professional experience in the field of telecommunications and IT services
  • since more than 10 years independent management consultant with focus on connectivity & mobility
  • strong network of various innovation initiatives
  • cross-industry experience e.g. automotive and mechanical engineering

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